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Eight Cellars Holdings, LLC is a professional services firm — a global community of accomplished wine professionals dedicated to establishing China as a world-class wine destination. We provide long-term experience in the design, operation of production facilities and wine grape vineyards located throughout the most prominent wine growing areas of the world. Our team utilizes the most advanced climate research and vineyard soils analysis utilizing specialists from three continents.

Our experts provide extensive sales and marketing expertise and an emphasis on unique brand building through the establishment of wine tourism. This type of tourism is not only associated with wineries. It is a much more complex business involving wine, tourism, lodging and recreation opportunities that flourish in wine regions. Developing wine tourism includes forming alliances with bed and breakfast facilities, hotels, resorts, restaurants, wineries, travel, travel booking professionals, and municipal business development directors. Members of our team are fully experienced in establishing the necessary partner relationships to provide educational opportunities, culinary events, winery tours, winemaker dinners, special discounts and promotional programs which are designed to attract visitors.

And, members of our team have access to the financial markets, both private and public, which facilitates our unique ability to see our projects from the initial idea to operating profitably.

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Bob Mullen

Timothy Chen

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Project Operations Administrator

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Catherine Fraser

China Office

Tom Hsu, Chief Representative

Vincent Chen, Manager of Business Development

Wine Experts

Paul Skinner, PhD., Viticulturalist

Craig Weaver, Senior Vineyard Consultant
Vineyard Consultant

Tom Selfridge, Winemaking Operations Consultant
Winemaking Operations

Our own Rotoveyer Rockpicker for clearing land.